Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Living, Playing, Breathing Music: Q&A with Musician/Music Teacher, Matthew Hemerlein

Matthew has been playing music for over 20 years and has been teaching music for the last two years in the DC area. He has been awarded a Young Performing Artist Grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and is using the grant to record his next album. See what Matthew is working on and down load his latest track for free.


Q: We found out you play 6 instruments. Can you list them and tell us your favorite and why it's your favorite?

A: I play string instruments and piano so Violin, Cello, Guitar(Seven String), Upright Bass, Mandolin, and then the Piano. My favorite one is the one closest to me which is usually my voice so I think singing is really important in order to always be creating regardless of your circumstances.

Q: In the last year you received a Young Performing Artist Grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities to work on your next album. How is that coming along and when do you expect to release it?

A: I'm starting recording now, and am finished with pre-production; it's set to be released on October 20th my birthday and still kicking around names, maybe "Hot Nickels" or "Permutations"? I am working with Artist Matthew Curry regarding the presentation of it, he's super talented and can't wait to see what turns out!

Q: Tell us about Cowboy Cologne, who is involved and how it came about?

A: Cowboy Cologne is a project that was formed between myself and the Thornley Brothers from U.S. Royalty. We also added our friend Ryan Mitchell who writes a lot as well as plays banjo and guitar. Were getting together material now for an album, recording demo's and sketches.

Q: So are you an Elvis Man or a Beatles man?

A: I'm an early Elvis guy and a late Beatles. I think both were terribly powerful at those times in their careers and I def get chill's when listening to those tunes.

Q: You are appearing at a Benefit called Nashville Flood Benefit Show at the Gibson Center in DC on Aug. 21st. Who does this show benefit and what can guests expect when they get there?

A: They can expect great music from Christylez Bacon, Birdlips and Aaron Thompson, and an open bar provided by Flying Dog Ale and Tito's Handmade Vodka. The proceeds are going to benefit The Gibson Foundation and its associative program Music Rising which deals specifically with helping musicians get instruments who lost their gear in the recent flood.

Q: Who are you listening to right now?

A: I don't really listen to that much music, especially when I'm recording, but I go see music I just saw Spoon with Arcade Fire and then Devendra Banhart with MGMT. It was a good time.

Q: What is your favorite Thing to do in DC?

A: Play music for new and old friends. It could be only one person, someone I'm intimate with, or a 300 person room. It doesn't matter, It's just what I like best.

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