Monday, October 11, 2010

"...don't fuck it up!!": Q&A with Conrado Bokoles, bass player for Justin Jones and the Driving Rain

We recently spoke with Conrados Bokoles, about Justin Jones, Sheryl Crow, 9:30 Records and the music he's currently looping on his iPod.  See what he had to say!

Q: So you play bass with two bands; JUSTIN JONES & THE DRIVING RAIN as well as THE DEAD MEN.  Tell us how you & Justin originally met and ended up playing in not one, but two bands together. 

A: I met Justin Jones through our mutual friend Brad Tursi back in early '09. Brad is a guitar player out of Nashville and Justin and I played with Brad in different bands, in the past. So when Justin was putting a new band together, Brad joined up on guitar and they called me up to hit the road with them. As for the Deadmen, well....it was a very similar thing...Josh Read (Revival) Justin and I were jamming. Josh knew a drummer Paul Garisto (Psychedelic Furs) and a new band was formed.

Q: When you told us about the recent gig you played at the Ryman Theatre in Nashville as the opening act for Sheryl Crow, you said the Ryman harkened "a reverent feeling."  For those of us who've never been, can you explain what you meant.  

A: Well it's a very historic venue, 1800s.. It's mind blowing how many greats have played there... the Grand Ole Opry was held there for many years. When you walk in, it looks and feels like a church. Everyone sits in pews and sounds echo around in there like a cathedral. The spirit of the place is very heavy and humbling.  Right as we were walking on stage, one of the crew members held up a picture of Hank Williams... as if saying: "this is where you are, don't fuck it up!!"

Q: You said your father is a musician.  What type of music did your parents play in the house growing up?  

A: There were so many its hard to name just a few. Some that stand out are Paul Simon (especially Graceland and Rythym of the Saints) Earth Wind and Fire, Sam and Dave, Smokey Robinson, Edgar Winter, Steve Winwood. My mother is a huge Bob Marley fan. I got an earful of that when i was a kid...a very good thing.

Q: Congratulations to you and the rest of Justin Jones & the Driving Rain, on your Little Fox EP, released earlier this summer on the first ever 9:30 Records, label!  We heard you're headed back into the studio, give us the deets...

A: Thanks. We're very excited about those developments and you can probably expect to hear something new from Justin Jones and the Driving Rain by next spring/summer.

Q: You teach music!  We love that!  For those reading this who would like to take one of your private bass or guitar lessons, how can they contact you? 

A: radobassguitar@gmail.com

Q: When's your next gig in the District?  

A: The Deadmen at The Black Cat main stage on Nov 19. It's a show to benefit the DC lawyers for youth. Canyon, Vandaveer, John Bustine, and Brandon Butler will also be there! Don't want to miss this one kiddies!

Q: What are the 5 songs (& the artists) looping on your playlist this week!  

1.  Chop and change by The Black Keys 

2.  With you in my head by Unkle 

3.  In the new year by the Walkmen 

4.  It stoned me by Van Morrison 

5.  Walk in the park by Beach House

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