Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DELOREAN is a Span-tronic four piece who named themselves after the classic 80's flick, "Back to the Future".  Their European pop sensibility has its roots in the clubs of Ibiza, hence the release of their latest album, "Subiza", on the True Panther Record Label out of New York.  They received critical acclaim at SXSW in 2007, have toured with the likes of jj and Miike Snow, have received favorable reviews from the notoriously hard to please   Pitchfork Music (Click here to read the review) and are about to introduce themselves to the District of Columbia, tonight, at the Rock N Roll Hotel.  See what Ekhi had to share with us...

Q.  Tell us how the band met and formed in your hometown of Zarautz, Spain in 2000?

A.  We hung out in the same places when we were teenagers and started the band then. It's all pretty simple, we wanted to make music together. What focused Delorean, was that we were completely open to any and all kinds of musical references. We've kept that attitude since then.  

Q.  It's evident that the band has really evolved since your early days of remixing when you compare it to your new album "Subiza".  What experiences were the most influential in sparking the bands creative growth?

A.  Studio production has been the biggest change for us. Now we've learned how to make arrangements, for example. That's something we didn't care about before but having the computer allows you to experiment with sax or stringed arrangements, for example. And that's what makes you to learn a little more about song writing. It's a very rich experimental field for a band that mainly worked jamming in the rehearsals. 

Q.  How did your relationship with TRUE PANTHER RECORDS come about?  

A.  We became Dean Beins' (Mr. Bein runs True Panther which is owned by Matador Records) friends October 2008 and kept a close relationship since then. We love Dean and his record label, we really wanted to put out the record with him, as if it was the only acceptable option for us. After the record was done he told us he wanted to put it out. Now we're so happy to start this 'adventure' working so close to a friend.  

Q.  You run a blog called DESPARRAME  (Disorder).  What's it's focus and any plans to post an English version so we can follow it with out going through google translator!  ;)

A.  The focus is 'Music we like or find interesting to share". As far as we're always on tour our best friend DJ K**O runs it mainly. It's very club oriented but we like to post any kind of music. We also put parties with him. We've had Jackmaster, Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990, Untold, Slackk, Deadboy, Radioclit, Lemonade, Top Billin, Spencer, Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, Mwëslee, Guido, BFlecha, Swindle, Noaipre, Elijah & Skilliam.... 

Q.  If you had your pick of any band in the on earth to launch a global tour with right now, who would it be and why?

A.  We'd love to do a True Panther Mystery tour with all of the TPS bands. We'd love to launch a Desparrame global tour, but that seems as well hard to happen. We'd like to open for Phoenix too, we love that band.  

Q.  What's been the bands biggest challenge recently?

A.  Putting together a rounded and worked live set. And making a new record too, but that will happen probably from next fall and on.  

Q.  DC is stoked!  You will be performing at the Rock N Roll Hotel TONIGHT!  We heard you and the band will be doing a pre-show event at SWEETGREEN on Capitol Hill at 4pm this afternoon.  What can we expect at this event?  

A.  Unfortunately we're not doing a pre-show. We're going to sign albums and T-Shirts. It seemed too tight on the schedule to do a pre-show so we selected 10 songs we love, to help make a play list for Sweetgreen.  

Q.  Word has it that when you are not playing live you are performing crazy DJ sets.  What is your DJ calendar looking like in the not so distant 2011 and what are your favorite venues to DJ in, in both Europe & the U.S.?

A.  Any club with a decent sound system works for us, honestly we don't really care much as long as the sound is big! 

Q.  What are the 5 songs (and artists) that have been looping on your iPod this week? 

-  Sueño Latino "Sueño Latino (Derrick May Emotion Second mix)"
-  Hype Williams "Untitled 8"
-  Bíceps "Muñeco de Ficción" (Instrumental)" (on Dj K**Os "Espanish Boogie Vol. 2")
-  Main Attrakionz "Elevate ya name"
-  Teengirl Fantasy "7AM" (Album)

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